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Discover Seine & Marne!

Just 45 minutes east of Paris, Seine-et-Marne is a mosaic of quirky, unusual and classic locations, and its natural and cultural diversity makes for an exotic getaway just outside Paris.

FESTIVE: every year, Seine-et-Marne hums to the tune of more than 300 events. Amazing celebrations and unmissable events make for great opportunities for discovering - or rediscovering - this dynamic and creative French department.

IMPOSING: Flamboyant, lavish, unique, magnificent, spectacular… just some of the words used to describe the architectural and natural heritage of this region to the east of Paris. 

As soon as you set foot outside Paris, you find yourself surrounded by stately locations which are famous all over the world. Discovering Seine-et-Marne means becoming immersed in a world of timeless beauty, one in which you'll be dazzled by the gems that have survived through history.

So, are you ready to start finding out about its centuries of history?

RECREATIONAL: With its colourful past, Seine-et-Marne invites people of all ages to come and discover the riches of its living heritage. Cultural encounters, magical moments, relaxing times with the family and/or friends and plenty more! From countryside to culture, from shopping to rollercoasters, in Seine-et-Marne you'll find just what you're after. Boredom, sadness and apathy are no longer to be tolerated! So set sail for this destination which means recreation!